New ! Oct 24 - Annual General Meeting and Board nominations.- Tuesday 6 pm , at 519 Church St. New ! Nov 2 - Ghost Feast - Thursday 6pm, at 145 Front St. Suite 105 (2Spirited People of the 1st Nations) Join us this evening as we Feast Honour and Remember those who have passed on to the Spirit realm. If you would like to RSVP with a potluck dish, please contact Volunteer Coordinator - she is organizing food stuffs so we don't get 5 platters of deviled eggs :) More details to come as date approaches. New ! Dec 6 - Sex Positively Fair - Wednesday 12pm, at 519 Church St. Come celebrate sex positivity, positive safer sex, and take your chance at winning a fun and sexy prize! Kerrigan Beaver-Johnson New Executive Director of 2 Spirited People of First Nations Please be advise that the PrEP website is currently underconstruction New ! 2 Spirits Office is now open Participants Wanted for the Research Study: Reducing stress and improving mental health and wellness among Indigenous women with socio-economic insecurities, living with and without HIV. Two-Spirited People of Manitoba Inc. - For Immediate Release 12/30/2016. 2shawls : 2-Spirit HIV/AIDS Wellness and Longevity Study 2 Spirits Strategic Plan 2016-2020 approved on February 9 2016